Error while getting FrobId through API.

Mar 22, 2011 at 4:39 AM


I am trying to use Vimeo Advanced API .NET Wrapper for uploading videos to Vimeo through .Net.

code that I am using :

 // Call constructor with no token.
            VimeoAPI.Objects.Authentication authentication = new VimeoAPI.Objects.Authentication(APIKeyTextBox.Text.Trim(), SecretKeyTextBox.Text.Trim());
            VimeoAPI.Methods vimeo = new VimeoAPI.Methods(authentication);

            if (step_two == false)
                VideoOpenFileDialog.CheckFileExists = true;

                videoFileLocation = VideoOpenFileDialog.FileName;
                if (videoFileLocation.Length > 0 && APIKeyTextBox.Text.Length > 0 && SecretKeyTextBox.Text.Length > 0)
                    // This method will get you a URL so the user can link the application to Vimeo.
                    string loginURI = vimeo.GetApplicationLinkUrl();

                    //Open the browser / redirect the user to the Vimeo account linking page.

                    // Tell the user to input the frobId
                    MessageBox.Show("1) Get the frob id from the URL\r\n2) Click authorize\r\n3) Type the frob id in the frob id text field\r\n4) Press continue.");

                    #region UI Changes

                    APIKeyTextBox.ReadOnly = true;
                    SecretKeyTextBox.ReadOnly = true;
                    FrobIdTextBox.ReadOnly = false;
                    TokenTextBox.ReadOnly = true;
                    GOButton.Text = "Continue";


                    step_two = true;


 I am getting error at: "vimeo.GetApplicationLinkUrl();"

I am getting error as:

Error calling method vimeo.auth.getFrob - <err code="307" expl="A required parameter was missing: oauth_consumer_key" msg="Missing required parameter"



Please hep me.....